Four Easy Ways To Get Free Pet Food Samples

Free samples of pet food can be a fantastic way to save money and find out what your pet likes and dislikes about the pet food brands out on the market today.

There are multiple ways to obtain pet food samples for free or as bonus items. Below are some easy ways to get your hands—or your pet’s paws—on these awesome free pet food samples.

Start With Your Local Supermarket

One of the fastest ways to get free pet food samples is to go to your local grocery store during sample days.

During these days, you’d be surprised with the number of free products being given away.

From breakfast bars and tissue papers to—you’ve guessed it—pet food, your local supermarket is great place to get free pet food samples. .

Coupons are also being given away during these days. Even without a free pet food sample, getting yourself a coupon could still mean a free can of pet food in the future.

Get Them As A Bonus On Related Pet Items

Another method of getting free pet food samples would be the bonus buys on related pet items. You will often see this in pet accessories such as a cat litter that’s packed with a can of cat food.

This sample will even come with a higher dollar value coupon to encourage you to actually purchase the product. So keep an eye out for bonuses like these every time you head down the pet aisle.

In addition to that, keep your eyes open for coupons that are up for grabs in the pet aisle. They could either be just left on the shelves or attached to the pet products themselves.

Looking for these kinds of coupons do not always mean free samples; but, with the savings added up, you might even be able to buy your pet a can of pet food that is a lot larger than the free samples at the store.

Get Them Online
Another way to find free pet food samples is to look online.

Go to your favorite search engine and simply type searches with keywords “how to get free pet food samples” or “pet food samples”. Doing so will direct you to multiple pet food manufacturers’ websites that may have a form for you to fill out in exchange for their free samples.

Normally, you will find these offers in websites of less known companies who wish to get their products introduced to the market.

Moreover, checking the websites of your favorite department and grocery stores can also give you options in acquiring free pet food samples.

Cutting Out The Middle Man

Finally, writing directly to the pet food companies can also prove helpful in getting you and your pet free pet food samples.

At the very least, if they can’t provide you with samples of their products, they might give you higher dollar value coupons to use towards your next purchase of pet food.